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Is the process of Conveyancing biased?

The majority of the member federations, although agreeing with the basic principle of it, believed such an increase is a very serious matter which must first be discussed in depth at national level. On the next day, 26 September 2004, an extraordinary general meeting adopted some changes to the CoESS statutes*. GÜSOD, Turkish federation and currently associated CoESS member, has requested active membership and submitted to the Board of Directors a full and exhaustive application file. After its start in summer 2002 the recognized professional training is beginning to become a success. About 700 industrial trainees already started their education as “Fachkraft für Schutz und Sicherheit”.

In spite of this development the industry in Germany needs a vocational training meeting a lower standard for present and future employees. Especially elder people formerly working in other branches will not be willing and able to pass the high level examination “F.S.S”. The current examinaton “Werkschutzfachkraft” will be set out of power in 2005.

Unfortunately this concept cannot satisfy the needs of the industry for several reasons. The demands of this examination called “Certified Security Officer (CCI)” are too high for the sake of formality. Conveyancing Work That’s why the BDWS has started to work out a concept that is established below the professional training quite some time ago. For educational establishments the BDWS already started in 2002 with a project called “Quality-Rings”. Furtheron, the BDWS continues to work on the standardization process.

For this reason Germany is intending to initiate an international standardization process in 2004. The National Polish Registration Court has offically proclaimed the registration of the “Polish Security Companies Association – PZFO”. In a very short period of time, the organisation associating most of the largest capital groups in the security industry in Poland, represented by 24 companies with total market share estimated at around 20 %, was established.