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Can You Pass The property valuation Test?

he’s gotten some terrible things and you know the the trauma the abuse you’ll be nice doled dad loved by his family are you talked about his sister is no bees crack addict and I think that when you go through that kind of drama is a as a as a blackbird was a Lotta was due are you can somehow associate your blackness with just the very worst things that can happen Helicon in a society so what do you do then.

athen you somehow might be convinced that may be on the other side a town with my folks live the deaths the Paradise that’s where you want to be that’s when life gets good and I think that that’s unfortunate because I think there are a lot of help the experiences that occur in the black community and I’ll see those portrayed as readily me know if this black issued a blackish/black you like it but is that’s the problem.

you look at Empire all love & hip-hop and you say you know what this is not positive for my people but it will make me a lot of moonlighter Dennis is this is the problem you say what if I don’t make it somebody else to make so why don’t I am eager to make the money how we get a look at it in a tame like I said about why police say West Cost Valuers why congresspeople maim Como to put the money into your positive things maybe help to use may be doing maybe not Nembutal is something like that where you know you look at a pattern is f to show.

it and look and brain is so many stereotypes he pisses me off sometimes like if I N Eton lookup step like is sold stereotypical there when I woke up housemaster like my neighbors are looking at me like ruling you for a beer i buy you said about wave you will look at white people getting into more other than accomplishment do you think they look at their own it a mistake when they refused bad for white people if so he may God you did well metadata Iran don’t have not live but if they don’t tell you can unite people get upset by.